C-chain Carpet is a (semi) permanent installation for public space by artists collective WE MAKE CARPETS

Made of 55,000 plastic C-chain links in four different colors the artwork  emphasizes the function of the Art City in which artists, designers and other creative professions work together 24/7.

Open daily from 9:00 to 18:00, free of charge. Through April 2018.

Art City / Kunststad, NDSM-Loods, NDSM-plein 21-167, 1033 WC Amsterdam.

                                                                           C-chain Carpet is commissioned by Art City NDSM and made possible with support from Stichting Kinetisch Noord, AFK, Stadsdeel Noord Gemeente Amsterdam, Stichting NDSM-werf and Vereniging de Toekomst.


niets/iets (nothing/something)

Henk Schut

High up among the old steel beams hangs a small white neon light work which flashes a changing missive: one moment it reads ‘iets' ('nothing’), the next moment 'iets' ('something').

The contradictory message raises questions about the vast empty space where the work is displayed. What is the meaning precisely: just what is “nothing” and what “something”? Does it refer to a emptiness waiting to be filled, a completion which would make it something? Or might the emptiness in itself have value? These questions about the meaning and value of empty space are not only applicable to the recently renovated and still empty northern section of the Scheepsbouwloods. They apply equally to the other not yet filled spaces within the warehouse, and also to the vast outdoor grounds of the former shipyard. In the current building frenzy in which it seems all remaining gaps in the city are rapidly filled in, the artwork asks you to pause and to reflect on the significance of empty space.


Jeroen Bisscheroux and Michiel Voet

Focus is an artwork about the mirror of the soul, the eye. The eye gazes, watches and stares in amazement at the transformation of the city. As a human sense organ the eye is vulnerable. In this it rhymes with our physical world, which is also extremely vulnerable. Focus raises the question of how we deal with the world around us. Reflection and self-reflection are difficult and sometimes painful processes; it can be hard to look into the mirror but sometimes necessary.

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